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This "solid state wrist computer" was named after the pulsating neutron star that emits radiation at extremely precise frequencies. It looked like something straight from science fiction. The design of this "solid-state wrist computer" is perfectly in tune with the Space Age period in which the world was living. Hamilton, a Lancaster native, developed the Pulsar. It would revolutionize how we tell time. This was a first-of-its kind device. It had no moving parts, no ticking sounds, and unparalleled durability and accuracy. The time was displayed on the screen by simply pressing a button. The passing seconds are revealed by holding the button down for a longer time. The magnet bar was used to set the time. It was kept in a hatch within the bracelet's deployant clasp. The watch was able to cycle through the hours by simply placing the magnet in two grooves on its caseback.

The first public glimpse of the Breitling replica watches prototype was on The Tonight Show in the United States, where Johnny Carson showed it's unique functionality. The Pulsar fever was evident. Hamilton took two years to create a consumer-ready Pulsar P1 model. It featured an avant-garde cushion cover and bracelet in 18ct gold. But the product sold quickly. The initial 400 watches that were prepared for launch cost US$2,100 (about the price of a family vehicle), but they all sold in just three days. The Breitling replica watches P1 was a true star of the Quartz Revolution.Rolex Replica Watches It was a breath of fresh water among mechanical analog watches. It was the first time that a centuries-old technology was being used to propel it into the future.

Famous owners include the Shah of Iran and Emperor Haile Selassie, Ethiopian Emperor, Sammy Davis Jr., Yul Brynner, and Elvis Presley. According to Don Sauers' book Time for America: Hamilton Watch 1892-1992 Don Sauers, Selassie was so impressed with Hamilton's P1 that he awarded Hamilton a Certificate for Excellence. Davis Jr. was so upset after his P1 was taken that he had T-Bird Jewels, Las Vegas, call Hamilton to get a replacement. Hamilton couldn't keep up with demand for the Pulsar as orders kept coming in.

The Breitling replica watches P2, a stainless steel watch with a more round case and a better chip module, was introduced to the market in 1973. It achieved colossal success. The P2 quickly became the most popular watch of the period, worn by Keith Richards and Jack Nicholson, Peter Sellers as well as Gianni Agnelli and U.S. President Gerald Ford. Roger Moore's James Bond wore one during Live and Let Die (1973), and Joe Frazier, the boxing legend "Smokin' Joe", was pictured with it in the lead-up to his 1973 fight against Joe Bugner. Many American companies, including Hewlett Packard and Bulova, jumped on the bandwagon in order to create digital clocks and watches in the 1970s.Panerai Replica Although there was intense competition, Hamilton's Pulsar remained ahead of the rest. Many more models were released after the Pulsar's success and popularity, including the Calculator model, P3 Date Command, "flick-of-the wrist" activated models, and Breitling replica watchess designed for women.

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